Emphasis on ‘almost’. I still need to make a final 11×17 poster that will feature this image, but the overall design will be reimagined for a poetic/conceptual piece. As long as I can get both my 8×10 and 11×17 poster printed on Saturday and mounted by Sunday, I’ll be good to go. The final pieces are due Monday and I’m nervous since this will be my first critique I’ve had in a long time about a digital piece.

The first image with the white background is just to show what it looks like without the TV bars. I might remove them for the 11×17 poster, but I definitely know they’ll be in there for the 8×10 print. Following the advice of my professor, I’m also going to be adding a few more glitch effects in Photoshop before moving it all into Illustrator to make the big one. Like he said to me on Wednesday, if you’re going to add glitches, might as well add a lot.

Go big or go home.