The Glitter Gremlin

Catharsis (Final)

Here is the finished film for my final project in Digital Design. This project emotionally exhausted me, but I’m glad I finished it. It is a very personal piece that can pretty much be summed up as a need to heal. The animated bits were created in photoshop and added to film using Adobe Premiere, which was used to edit the entire film as a whole. I don’t know what I expect people who actually watch this to take away from this piece. I’m just so tired.



I’m currently working on my 3rd and final project for Digital Design. It’s going to be a 1-2 minute short film that uses both live action and animation. I’m excited for this one because I’m really trying to put my heart into it. I’m running out of time to finish it, though, so wish me luck!

The Final Product

I finally remembered to share this thing with y’all. The plate on top and the front of the drawers are decorated with gold leaf. The flowers are unpainted except for their centers, and the rest of it is purple. Very Mardi Gras, I suppose. I just wanted to dress this thing up as much as possible for our presentation. Seeing the finished product makes me a bit happier for the overall results, but I still feel like this project was lacking compared to other projects. Oh well. I got to keep it in the end.

The Final Print

Project 2 Prototype

Project 2

Wow!! What a ride that was. I’m really happy with how my first project turned out. It was definitely a lot of fun to create. Thanks for sticking with me thru that and I’ll see y’all on the next project!

One More Time With Feeling

We’re almost done, kids!

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